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Monday, November 8, 2010

Find Pertinent Information under Midwest Tape’s Help Tab

Midwest Tape has organized a multitude of useful documents, whitepapers, guides, and online webinars under the Help tab in the toolbar on the Midwest Tape website.

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Here you will find information about Midwest Tape and our services; guides and webinars on effectively navigating our website and searching our database; and informative documents on how Midwest Tape can optimize the functions of your Integrated Library System.

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Are you unsure of what a symbol or term on our website means? Reference our Abbreviations and Terminology guide in the Information section.
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Have you ever wanted to attribute a face to the voice of your Midwest Tape representative? Check out the Contacts page, also in the Information section.

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Do you want to cut down the time it takes you to search for titles? Our Smartbrowse Guide and SmartBrowse Tutorial will teach you the ins-and-outs of performing an effective search on our website.

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 Did you miss one of our webinars? View a list of archived webinars on topics like acquisition processes, customized website features, and workflow solutions under the Online Webinars section.

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Are there any additional guides or tutorials you would find helpful? Share your ideas here as comments.


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