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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience Includes Bonus Unrated Edition

Magnolia Home Entertainment has informed us that The Girlfriend Experience in the standard DVD (Stock #: MGP10212D) and Blu-Ray (stock #: MGP10213B) editions will feature an alternate unrated cut of the film as a part of the special features. This unrated version will be on the same disc as the theatrical R-rated film.

If you have a current order for this title and would like to cancel it, please call customer service at 1.800.875.2785. Additionally, if you have any questions, please post them here as comments or call our customer service department.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dance Flick Issue

Paramount Home Entertainment will release a PG-13 edition of Dance Flick (stock # PAR352604D) on September 8th, 2009. This version will not include director commentary or bonus features. This higher-priced edition will also not be available in retail stores and has a limited availability. Because of these reasons, we advise customers who wish to order this edition to do so as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Paramount Home Entertainment will also release an unrated edition of Dance Flick (stock # PAR352604RD) on October 6th, 2009, which we’ll carry as well. This lower-priced version will be available at retail outlets nationwide and will contain director commentary and bonus features.

If you have questions about the differences between available editions, please post your questions here as comments or call our Customer Service Department at 1.800.875.2785.

17 Again (Blu-Ray Edition) Features Digital Copy and Standard DVD

Customers who purchased the Blu-Ray edition of 17 Again (Stock #: NLV1000045437B) will notice that it contains two discs. The first disc features the Blu-Ray edition of the film. The second disc contains not only a digital copy (a one-time-use file for both Macs and PCs¹), but also a DVD version of the film, which one can play repeatedly on a standard DVD player.

The label on the bottom of the bonus disc prominently reads "Digital Copy.” And although a small DVD logo indicates the presence of the standard DVD version on the disc, some people may mistakenly believe it contains only the digital copy.

This should work fine as part of your Blu-Ray collection and provide a DVD copy as well. However, if you have received this title and would like to send it back or would like to cancel your current order, please call customer service at 1.800.875.2785.
¹Upon loading the digital copy on a Mac or PC, the user can watch that file repeatedly from that specific computer—and on that computer only.


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