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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

6 Performers Take on the Ballads of Queen in Hopes for the Idol Throne

Written by Danielle Desmond and Heather Brown

It was a night of Queen Songs as Roger Taylor and Brian Mann helped Jimmy as celebrity mentors. I must say I was still waiting anxiously for Colton Dixon to appear up there on stage and it was a big reality check when he didn’t… The performances were split into two categories, okay performances vs. awesome performances. First round the contestants chose a song from Queen and the second round they could chose any song they wished to perform.
Jessica Sanchez did a nice job with Bohemian Rap City (Although my favorite cover of Bohemian Rap City if obviously from Wayne’s World…Excellent!) Sanchez then took the stage and delivered a goosebump worthy performance of Luther Vandross’ Dance with My Father (Again). J Lo commented that the original was one of her favorite songs, and Jessica’s rendition was the best she had ever heard it sung.  

Another awesome performance of the evening was from front runner Joshua Ledet with Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Ready for Love. He slowed it down for Ready for Love and for once, he tenderly sang a song instead of screaming it in his gospel way. Truly amazing performance. “Goosies” number two!

Country girl Skylar Laine put a little twang into Queen’s The Show Must Go On and then of course performed Jason Aldean’s Tattoos on This Town. GASP! Skylar chose a country song; I know you were all shocked just as much as we were. The contestants this season are very predictable. However I think that no matter what the outcome in this season of Idol I think that if Skylar makes an album, it will do the best. She’s young, her voice is catchy, and the country music/Taylor Swift demographic will eat it up.  

Hollie Cavanagh performed the 1980 hit Save Me and save her they did, Hollie was the last in the bottom next to Elise who went home on the show last Thursday. Good song choice Hollie, America got the message. However she probably remains in the competition because of her show stopping performance of the evening when she belted out Miley Cyrus’ The Climb. During her stint on stage this round, she gave the judges that emotional connection they’ve been begging for. Congrats Hollie for proving them wrong!

Phillip Phillips or as some here at Midwest Tape will refer to him as Mr. Gray sang Fat Bottom Girls and then Dave Matthews Band’s The Stone.  He missed the mark on Fat Bottom Girls and sounded out of breath the entire time. However, he must have a huge fan base to still be this far in the competition. And unless you are a Dave Matthews fan you probably had no idea what his second choice song was. I will admit to being a DMB follower so I did enjoy his cover of The Stone. However, this is not a Dave Matthews Cover Band competition.

Sadly though it was the end of the road for one Idol hope. Rocker singer and Steven Tyler’s favorite Elise Testone was voted off after I Want It All and Bold as Love. It was kind of ironic that Elise picked the song with the lyrics “I WANT IT ALL I WANT IT NOW” and then she is voted off.  Sorry Elise but it appears as if you won’t be getting it all.

Tune into American Idol tomorrow night on Fox at 8pm as the five hopefuls continue their journey as we get closer to the finale.  This weeks theme is BRITISH INVASION. Hopefully they will leave Adele at home and bring a little Beatle love to the competition. 

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