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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lion King Still Reigns Supreme

Seventeen years after its original release, The Lion King hit theaters for a limited release and this time in 3D. The first weekend it topped the box office at $29.3 million. And in its second weekend, no Moneyball or heart-warming Dolphin Tale or Taylor Lautner ab-extravaganza (Abduction) could dethrone the King, who pulled in another $22.1 million. According to Entertainment Weekly, “the 1994 Disney classic dropped only 27 percent [over its first weekend]—an incredibly impressive hold considering this is the re-release of a 17-year-old film…The 3-D version has now grossed $61.7 million, bringing The Lion King‘s cumulative tally to $390.2 million.”

With such box office success, Disney is now planning “to extend what was originally intended to be just a two-week release, although details are still being ironed out” (EW). To bolster the excitement surrounding the 3D film re-release, Disney has also released The Lion King home video from the vault. The diamond editions release shortly after the theatrical run with the Blu-ray hitting shelves October 4th and the DVD on November 15th.

Like the 3D film, both the Blu-ray and the DVD are only available for a limited time. Be sure to strengthen your DVD collection with this quintessential classic. Click the image below to shop The Lion King now.

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