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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watch Midwest Tape's First Ever Industry News Webinar

Because so many viewers requested copies of yesterday's informative Industry News webinar, I thought I'd make those materials available on our News and Views blog.

Below is an embedded video of the Industry News webinar:

You can also view the webinar here, and access the PowerPoint slides as a PDF here.

We've received a lot of feedback thus far about our first ever Industry News webinar, so much so that we'd love to do another one in the future.  What industry topics would you want us to cover next?  What feedback do you have about the items we presented?

1 comment:

  1. In our webinar, we noted that because content is stored closer to the surface on Blu-ray discs, it makes them more susceptible to damage. After the presentation, though, one of our webinar attendees explained that she believed Blu-rays featured a special coating that made then more durable and therefore less susceptible to damage.

    After some research, we discovered that while Blu-rays and DVDs are both susceptible to scratching on the tops of their discs, Blu-rays do feature a special coating on the bottom of their discs that help protect them from damage.


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