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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monitor New Releases with Midwest Tape’s Calendar

The Midwest Tape Calendar is a nifty addition to a librarian’s collection development tool belt. It’s easy to use as a reliable source for hot new releases across all our media formats and many collections. Let’s take a spin through the calendar tool:

Two Ways to Access
Click Calendar in the Top Navigation Bar.

Select your format of choice within Quick Links.

Two Ways to View
Choose between Calendar View and Art View to suit your page display preferences.

Calendar View

Art View

Plenty of Functionality
Use the dropdown menus in the top left of the Calendar page to select format and collection.

Mouse over titles to view product details.

Quickly identify titles in carts or on order by mousing over the symbols.

What do you think of the Midwest Tape Calendar? What collection development tool is essential for your day-to-day?


  1. The calendar is awesome. Any iCal or RSS features on the horizon? It would be great to be able to subscribe and view in Google Calendar or Outlook.

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the Calendar, Erik. We think it is awesome too!

    When you ask about RSS do you mean for our blog? If so, you can easily subscribe to News and Views by clicking the RSS button in the top right header. Once you click that, you can select "View Feed XML" to add our blog to our Outlook RSS feed reader. There's also other RSS subscription options on that page.

    To subscribe via email, enter your email in the "subscribe via email" box in the blog's right column and click "subscribe."



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