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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sayonara IE6: Reasons to Upgrade Your Browser

Last September, Midwest Tape updated its website to support new features that were incompatible with Internet Explorer 6 (Midwest Tape's Website Developing beyond the Capabilities of IE6). Apparently, we weren’t the only ones. As discontent surrounding IE6’s limited functionality grew within the online community, Google dealt a death blow earlier this year by announcing Google Apps would no longer support the aging web browser (​Modern browsers for modern applications). Along with Google, many other popular websites have dumped IE6 support, including YouTube and Facebook. Aten Design Group, a web development firm, even held a mock funeral for IE6 (IE6 Funeral).

The Importance of Updating
With the internet in a constant state of evolution, browsers and other web-related technologies needs constantly updated to ensure optimal functionality. Released in 2001, IE6 is an aging technological albatross of yesteryear that, in the same vein as VHS and cassette tapes, is simply no longer practical. Using outdated browsers, such as IE6, not only makes users susceptible to a slew of security vulnerabilities, but also limits them in regards to the most contemporary and interactive web features.

There are a plethora of browsers to choose from, and while everybody might have a preference, no single browser is “the best.” When choosing a browser, always do your research (2010 Internet Browser Software Review Product Comparisons). Although they all offer the same services, each browser is essentially different. Downloads and updates for the more popular browsers can be found here:

Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:

What’s your take on IE6? What browser do you prefer?

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