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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Midwest Tape's Website Developing Beyond the Capabilities of IE6

With the Internet developing at a rapid pace, Internet technology companies must continuously release new versions as well as updates for their web browsers. Using outdated browsers not only makes users susceptible to a slew of security vulnerabilities, but also limits them in regards to the most contemporary and interactive web features. Here, we discuss how using current web browsers relates to Midwest Tape (Midwest Tape & You), detail the three most prominent web browsers in use (Major Browsers), and explain the importance of always using the most up-to-date browser (The Importance of Updating).

Midwest Tape & You
Midwest Tape’s website has received much praise over the years for its helpful features and ease of use. And we have even greater features planned for the future; however, these elements will not function with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6.

In order to deliver our next round of updated features, we will be unable to support Internet Explorer 6 in the very near future. Many leading websites in other industries are reaching the same conclusion and discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 6 as well.

Major Browsers
Internet Explorer
Used en masse since the release of Windows 95, Internet Explorer (IE) is perhaps the most popular web browser in the world. Internet Explorer comes pre-installed on all Windows-based computers and updates through the Windows Update service. Still in wide circulation, Internet Explorer 6 was originally released with Windows XP. However, Microsoft has since released Internet Explorer 7 and 8, which should be compatible with any machine still using IE6.

Mozilla Firefox
Released in 2004, Firefox has quickly become a heavyweight in the web browser market. As of 2009, it made up over 22% of the recorded usage of web browsers¹. Firefox goes through routine updates, automatically downloading them and prompting users to restart their browsers.

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. and was first released with Mac OS X. Much like Internet Explorer on Windows systems, Safari comes pre-installed on Mac computers and automatically updates with the operating system.

The Importance of Updating
One of the key reasons to always use the most up-to-date web browser is to ensure effective use of today’s foremost web features, which rely on current web browsers for proper functionality. For example, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 in 2001, and the now outdated browser does not support many of the current standards used in developing today’s leading web applications.

In addition to web applications, updated web browsers ensure the security of computers and their networks. For instance, since releasing Internet Explorer 7 in 2006 and Internet Explorer 8 in 2009, Microsoft has stopped creating updates for Internet Explorer 6. According to Secunia, a leader in Web security, Internet Explorer 6 contains 142 vulnerabilities that leave your computers at risk. Of those 142 vulnerabilities, 22 remain unresolved and pose a serious security risk.

The easiest way to correct these security issues is to upgrade your outdated browser to the most current one available, for instance, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3, or Safari 4.

Where to Update

If you have any questions or feedback about updating your browser or the Midwest Tape website, please post them here as comments or contact our Customer Service Department at 1.800.875.2785.

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  1. As long as MWT continues to work well with firefox, I'll be happy. IE = fail.


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