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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Netflix’s Top Ten DVDs

In late September, Netflix released its list of top ten movies of all time. Some were surprises, i.e. Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and others made complete sense, like The Blind Side. Plenty of online sources quickly shared the list and commented on the films. And while many—including me—questioned Crash, this list definitely articulates the staying power of the Oscars.

As The Daily Beast sums it up, “of the top six films, three won the Oscar for Best Picture, and a fourth was nominated. Two are action flicks, yes, but they're two of the best-reviewed action flicks in years. Another movie features a performer who reminds us that he has acting chops beyond his usual blockbuster bait; in yet another, an 80-year-old favorite reassures us that he's still got it. Of the 10, only two can be said to be, well, kind of inane. But hey—sometimes we all need a little mindless fun amid the classics.”

Here’s the list:

Does your collection feature these immensely popular flicks? How does this list compare to the most circulated DVDs at your library? Which of these films would you definitely recommend and which would be summarily left off your list?

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