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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Midwest Tape Now Offers Columbia Classics on DVD and Blu-ray

In an effort to show continued dedication to film preservation, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has launched Columbia Classics. This collection not only includes digitally restored films, but also hundreds of classics, restored to the highest quality and available for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray through Columbia Classics’ Screen Classics by Request (DVD on-demand) program. Through our partnership with Sony Pictures, we are proud to announce that we now offer this collection, which debuted with 100 titles this past fall and adds more titles every month.

According to, this program is very similar to the Warner Archive Collection (also available from Midwest Tape): “Like WB's program, Screen Classics by Request is a heady mix of cult favorites (Crash Landing, The 27th Day, The Interns), forgotten epics (Genghis Khan), Columbia series films (four ‘Jungle Jim’ adventures starring Johnny Weissmuller), intriguing but largely forgotten gems (Mickey One, 10 Rillington Place), foreign films (Les voleurs, a.k.a. Thieves), good-to-indifferent TV movies (The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, To Sir with Love II, Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is), and bizarre, one-of-a-kind oddities (Birds Do It).”

What is DVD on-demand?
DVD on-demand is the most cost-effective way to bring DVDs and Blu-rays to market—only when consumers or libraries want them. Columbia Classics’ Screen Classics by Request titles are individually ‘burned’ based on orders, rather than churned out in bulk amounts and disseminated to retailers and media distributors.

On-demand DVDs are manufactured using the most widely accepted [DVD] format, DVD-R. As noted in an earlier News & Views post (DVD-R vs. DVD+R), DVD-Rs are developed through duplication (disc burning) with cost-effective retail DVDs, whereas titles produced en masse are developed through a more costly replication process.

How can I find this collection on Midwest Tape’s website?
There are several ways you can access Midwest Tape’s Columbia Classics collection on our website:
  • Select “Columbia Classics” while browsing DVD collections via Browse.
  • Search via SmartBrowse stock number prefix “CBO” or collection name “Columbia Classics” to access all available Columbia Classics titles.
  • Select the “Columbia Classics” collection displayed on the Midwest Tape homepage.
Click image above to access collection.


  1. i always see columbia titles cheaper than this at my local grocery store!!! usually 2 for $10.00

  2. Our Columbia Classics’ screen classics by request titles are priced competitively for the library market. Because these titles are sold through a burn-on-demand program, the titles you’re seeing at your local grocery are most likely not the new digitally remastered versions available through Midwest Tape and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


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