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Monday, October 4, 2010

Midwest Tape’s New Release Panel Gives a Quick Snapshot of our Website’s Latest Additions

Hunting for the newest titles added to our extensive inventory? Look no further than the New Release Panel, located on our homepage.

Click image to view full size.
The New Release panel offers a succinct visual summary of Midwest Tape’s latest hot new releases and must-have genre titles.

Navigating the Panel
  • Use the dropdown tabs at the top to select your format and the radio buttons at the bottom to choose your collection.
Click image to view full size.
  • Scroll through listings using the arrows.
Click image to view full size.
  • Mouse over titles to view product details, and click on titles to add them to your cart. Upon adding a selection to your cart, you’ll immediately return to the New Release Panel on the homepage.

Only interested in shopping one format? The New Release Panel automatically saves your last format selection as your default and then rotates through that format’s collections. So if on your last visit you browsed audiobooks, the New Release Panel will default to the audiobook format upon your next visit and throughout subsequent visits the panel will rotate through collections within the audiobook format.

Click image to view full size.
 Try out the New Release Panel yourself and share your feedback here as comments.


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