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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learn about Processing: VIP

Variable Integrated Processing (VIP) uses digital imaging technology to generate product artwork incorporating all of your labels, perfectly placed every time. Midwest Tape provides VIP for the exclusive use of our customers. This innovative program allows us to offer customized and attractive packaging while eliminating the need for additional labels.

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VIP allows libraries to specifically customize each title, depending on your library’s needs.

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No more stickers! Through VIP processing, we place labels perfectly, giving your products a consistent, attractive appearance. Additionally, because we incorporate your library’s information directly into the artwork, your products not only uphold a branded look, but also ensure theft deterrence.

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For help choosing what VIP process would best suit your library or for any questions regarding Midwest Tape’s processing services, please contact your Midwest Tape processing representative at 800.875.2785.

Processing is part of our Workflow Solutions services. To learn more about Workflow Solutions, start the setup process, or view samples, download our no-obligation Workflow Solutions brochure. You can also learn more by clicking the “Workflow Solutions” link under “SERVICES” on our homepage. 

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