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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Midwest Tape Introduces Customers to the New SmartCart™

In an effort to increase usability and functionality, Midwest Tape has developed a revolutionary new SmartCart™.  This new cart will serve as the quintessential selection and acquisition function for Midwest Tape customers.


On Saturday November 7th, 2009, Midwest Tape will transition all current SmartCart users to the new SmartCart.  As one of these users, when you view your cart, you’ll receive an informational pop-up (see below) that introduces users to the new SmartCart and also details where users can find a helpful PDF guide and video tutorial.  (Please note that through this transition all your current carts and data will remain intact.)

Following this initial transition, we’ll work in stages to shift all users over to the new SmartCart.  If you’re a Normal Cart user and you’d like to transition to the new SmartCart yourself, simply click the icon shown below, which is now located in the upper right-hand corner of your Normal Cart. (All your current cart data will remain intact when you make the switch.)

With the new SmartCart, you’ll be able to:

Customize your columns
You can select which columns you want to see and which ones you don’t.  Additionally, we’ve added new columns: Artist/Author, Fund, Shopper, MARC Brief, Subtotal, etc.

Transition titles to different carts
We’ve added a column of check boxes that allows users to manipulate more than one item at a time. Previously, a user had to change titles one at a time or all at once. This column will now allow a user to delete, move, or copy (with more utilities to come) any number of titles in an easy-to-use grid interface.

Arrow through titles on your keyboard
With this function, you can key through titles using the up and down arrow keys without having to click on each individual product line.

Select from a wide array of options in the Menu Toolbar
We’ve organized art, product, and cataloging options into structured dropdown menus, so you can make changes to your cart efficiently.

Complete your Selection and Acquisition process more quickly
We’ve increased the speed of the SmartCart feature and also eliminated restrictions on the size of your carts.  The new SmartCart allows for any size cart.

We invite you to log onto our website today to see how these changes create a more efficient and effective online shopping experience.  As always, please share your thoughts with us and other libraries by posting your feedback here as comments.  You may also contact our Customer Service department with any comments or questions (1.800.875.2785).

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